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Eccabi are working to improve the well-being of the people of Liskeard as part of the

Liskeard Together project

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our online courses

Your Future Matters

Feed the Family

Your Future Matters

Your Money Matters

The Corona Virus  crisis has affected all areas of people's lives. ECCABI, working in partnership with Cornwall Housing, Liskeard Town Council, and the Cornwall Together for Families Project are involved in the Liskeard Together Project

We are providing online training programs to help individuals and families manage their current situation and cope with the future.  We offer free training sessions in saving money on a budget and creating a CV, as well as community-focused courses including creating family meals on a budget, and an introduction to the excellent Learn My Way online IT training website.

If you are interested in what we have to offer, please take a few moments to watch our videos below

Feed the Family

Your Future Matters

Who We Are

ECCABI is  a  charity based in Liskeard  in South East Cornwall.  We provide free online   training sessions on money saving and personal budgeting to individuals living in the Liskeard area who are currently not in paid employment.

We have worked on a number of Cornwall community focused  projects, including Smart Tenants and  BLAST,  and we are currently deeply involved in the Liskeard Together project focusing on the Five Ways to Well-Being initiative

Working  with our community

We use Microsoft Teams and Zoom  as an interactive training platform, allowing our learners to join in with each-other as well as with our friendly tutors.

Our courses are all held online, and you  don't need any prior knowledge of online training because we have introductory sessions before we start,  These help to enable you to make the best  of the experience we offer.

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Our online courses

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Joining our Feed the Family interactive course means joining in on a fun cookery session where we will all be cooking a tasty and nutritious family meal  live and in real time. 

When you sign up for this free six week course, you'll be supplied with all the ingredients you'll need to cook a filling meal that your whole family will enjoy 

The life changing Your Money Matters course  (three weeks)

The Money Box Online Course has two one hour sessions each week  providing face-to-face training and group interaction with other learners.
The course covers everything from :
* How to save money on a tight budget
* Getting to grips with Universal Credit
* Tips on how to organise a household budget
Further training videos and materials are available
here for learners enrolled on the course.


Meeting the needs of those whose jobs have been affected by the CoVid 19 crisis

Getting back on the path to employment 

We're running a series of short online courses designed to help those with little recent experience of having to apply for jobs. 

Each session is designed to help learners to update  their existing CVs and use their own personal experiences as a base for presenting their skills and abilities in an increasingly competitive jobs' market.

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Introduction to Online I.T. Training

This short course comprises a short session on  to how to use a tablet computer, and an introduction to the Learn My Way online training website designed specifically for those with little or no  experience of online computing


Contact ECCABI

8 Holman Rd, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3UT, 

01579 343693

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