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Your Future Matters

Your CV is much more than just your employment history


It's about  saying how good you'd be in a particular job role.


To that end, our online course involves four, one hour one to one sessions where we can discuss what skills and experiences you have that would be of interest to any potential employer.


Together, we'll create a Personal Profile that highlights your strengths, abilities and achievements, and formulate a list of Skills that focus on the  competencies and experiences you have that employers are looking for

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Create a CV that suits YOU


A step by step guide to creating your own relevant CV, designed to create maximum impact. Our CV building tool and online tutorials will show you the best way to get your CV noticed

Completing Job Application Forms


Alongside this, we will look at the best way you can use your CV as a basis for completing job application forms, as well as providing tips on how to complete the forms  effectively

Tips on Online Interviews


We'll give you tips on how to get prepared for that all important online job interview and how to best use  video conferencing to make that vital first impression. 

CV practice form

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You will find the Money Box CV Builder pamphlet in your starter pack. To make things easier, we'd like you to fill out the various sections in your CV builder, which gives you time to remember the various jobs you've had, qualifications you've achieved,  as well as other information relevant to a good CV.  

Together we can use this information to create a CV that uses all the relevant information you've already written down. 

If you'd like to use the CV Practice Form and fill that out for us with some of the information you've already written in your CV Builder, that would be great!

Here you can input your information that we will be able to integrate into your CV

Please log in using the password provided in your CV Starter Pack

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